Expand Your Network

Are you a graduate between 18 – 35 living in Sierra Leone?

Do you have a business or you want to set up a business? Sign up, to build you capacity and expand your network.

Improve Your Skills

When you enrol to the programme you will build in skills as an entrepreneur around the following three aspects:  1) the market, 2) operations and 3) finance. The program will be a combination of group workshops, online support, implementation assignments and continuous coaching.  The intended output is:

  • a business model with tested assumptions,
  • ideally commitment from a potential client
  • a team and/ or hiring strategy and
  • a clear implementation plan

The training content is built around the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and the lean start up approach.

Help Young Businesses

Are you a professional with both content expertise (marketing, finance, legal, governance) as well as sector knowledge (agriculture, WASH & Waste management, aquaculture hospitality, renewable energy) and the likes? Sign up.

Expand Your Professional Portfolio

Through this programme you get assess to vetted young entrepreneurs, who are looking ways to improve their business.

Explore Promising Start-ups

This is a one-stop-shop for investors, to get in contact with promising start ups. The initial contact can be done through the platform and the BSC the entrepreneur belongs to.

Invest in the Future

With this platform you get access to interesting business and you may contribute in investing in the Future of Sierra Leone

Programme Framework

Programme Schedule

The Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme consists, as illustrated in figure below, there are 4 main activities:each phase has its own timeframe and schedule and can generally be scheduled as follows:

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